Companion Coffee & Voo | Berlin

While looking for our daily flat white break in Berlin we stopped by Companion Coffee, the small café bar is now serving coffee to fashionable Voo clients and Kreuzberg coffee–addicts. Chris and Shawn who are running the café since January 2013, are true coffee enthusiasts and know everything about the art of brewing coffee. At Voo they sell clothes for women and men from a lot of Scandinavian and French labels, among them Carven, Soulland, Acne and Kenzo. There is a small but great selection of sneakers and other shoes, great magazines, beautiful, affordable jewelry and lots of small items you never knew you wanted before you discovered them here. The perfect location to enjoy some nice shopping along with your cup of coffee.

Voo Store & Companion Coffee
Oranienstraße 24
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg