Coffee Supreme

I’m a sucker for good coffee and when I’m not browsing trough fashion or travel websites or magazines, chances are high I’m on some kind of hipster coffee blog looking for the next big thing in the wonderful world of coffee.

This time my eye fell on these pictures of some cool New Zealand coffee shop, Coffee Supreme while browsing The Selby. This New Zealand based coffee spot is specialized in a flat white, a double shot of espresso with a little steamed milk, also known as the new hipster coffee. Since their last rebrand, Coffee Supreme had grown to be one of the best and largest independent coffee roasters & suppliers in New Zealand. Part of that big re-branding campaign were their take-out cups. A collection of 16 different cups with each its own unique hand-drawn illustration. And as much as I love a good cup of coffee, I know to appreciate some good packaging.

A shame New Zeeland is just a little too far away from Belgium to grab a cup of coffee…

pictures via The Selby