Coffee Special // Antwerp

The name of the blog maybe gave it away, but I like coffee.. As I’m from Antwerpen I thought it would be fun to do a special about the coffee scene in the city I know the best. Other cities and specials will follow if you all like it!

The list below is certainly not a full list of all the coffee bars in Antwerp, it are just the ones I think are worth a visit. Enjoy..

Mechelsesteenweg 16 // Antwerp

You can’t say Antwerp and Coffee in the same conversation without mentioning the Godfathers of the Belgian coffee scene; Caffènation. They select and burn their own coffee beans and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the people of Caffènation are the reason Belgian people are finally learning what a good cup of coffee is. They started out in 2003 and their coffee (the well-known Little Green Bags) is now used by many of the best coffee bars in Belgium. You can’t call yourself a true coffee lover before you’ve tried an espresso or Ginger Spice at Caffènation!
Normo Coffee
Minderbroedersrui 30 // Antwerp

Normo is run by barrista Jens Oris. It’s one of my favorite and certainly one of the most authentic coffee spots in Antwerp. The way the place is decorated with a mix of second hand and new furniture and the smell of freshly roasted coffee will make you feel right at home. You will probably have to fight for a place to sit, but I promise you it will be worth it. If you can appreciate the rawness of a good espresso or even a double ristretto Normo is certainly the place for you.

Broer Bretel
Nassaustraat 7 // Antwerp

Broer Bretel (Dutch for Suspender Brother) can be found on ‘Het Eilandje’, one of the more exclusive and trendy neighborhoods in the north of Antwerp. It’s run with great care by two brothers and is fastly becoming one of the most appreciated coffee bars in Antwerp. Be sure to try their Flat White, it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. And when you have the munchies, they always have some delicious pies lying around on the counter.
Karel Rogierstraat 47 // Antwerp

Situated in the trendy South of Antwerp, the Revista coffee shop offers you the whole package. As the name might suggest Revista doesn’t only sell espressos, cappuccinos and other delicious coffee specialities, it also sells a bunch of great fashion, design and lifestyle magazines to read while you enjoy your coffee. You can take place at one of the tables inside or enjoy the sun while you watch the world pass by from the terrace.

Other coffee bars worth a visit:
Coffeelabs // Buchbar // Kaffeenini // Kolonel Koffie // and many, many more..

Pictures via Steve Charlie // Nicky and Max // Doe Mij Maar Antwerpen