Hello there

Cashmere Coffee is an online fashion diary by me, Ines. Blogger by night, Dries Van Noten employee by day. This blog is the place where I share what I’m passionate about with all my fans and readers. I’m a Communication graduate from Antwerp, Belgium with a passion for fashion and interior design. I love all things sparkly, surprises and well designed books. You can expect a lot of posts about fashion, food, travels and all other things intriguing me in this world.

In case you don’t know me very well, here are a few other things I enjoy:

  • Watching Midnight in Paris by the great Woody Allen
  • Cooking & baking, especially the eating part of it
  • I love coffee, honey lattes save my life
  • Running, a passionate love/hate relationship of mine
  • Singing out loud to Adele


Take a look around and don’t hesitate to share, comment or contact me on ines@cashmerecoffee.com.